Mind-Body-Soul Expert
Biofield Shifter
TV Host

Lisa Torres

Mind-Body-Soul Expert, TV Host and Biofield Shifter are just a few ways to describe Lisa Torres. Being disappointed by countless exercise methods and not attaining the strong, lean and healthy body she desired, Lisa worked with an orthopedic sports surgeon, physical therapists and studied various meditation, energy healing and consciousness expanding modalities to develop Barre Physique®, Just a Thought Meditation Recordings and her newest innovation, the SHIFT APP (currently in development). She healed and dramatically changed her body, with her unique workout philosophy that includes extreme core conditioning, various exercise disciplines, orthopedic/fascia stretching, meditation, energy healing and consiousness.

Her entrepreneurial spirit combined with her extensive training and passion for safe, effective workouts gave her the drive to create Barre Physique® and Just A Thought, as well as pursue other areas including Shift & Uplift-her private coaching, consulting, biofield shifting business and app, TV hosting, producing, public speaking and commercial-print modeling. She has had her own health and wellness talk show on EverTalkTV network, is a featured Fitness Personality for LearnItLive.com, has certified numerous barre fitness instructors and trained countless individuals, including A list celebrities, professional athletes, super models and medical rehabilitation patients.

With over 19 years of barre fitness experience and medical endorsements, she is nationally recognized as a barre fitness expert. She is a pioneer in barre movement that changes and creates awareness of the mind, body and soul. Her wisdom along with her keen intuitive gifts make her a powerhouse for helping her clients achieve their dreams, goals and soul's best.

Lisa resides in Los Angeles and in addition to living her dream, her interests include charity events, sports, traveling, music, dancing, hiking, walking on the beach, snowboarding, skiing, gourmet cooking, baking, hanging out with friends, movies, and most of all living a high frequency, fun life.

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