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Coaching & Consulting

Brand, Business, Creative
Intuitive Consulting

I intuitively create space for your business and creative ideas to flourish and align.  Creative projects can include but are not limited to-music, stories/writing, new products, brands and business. I assist in co-creating and streaming new areas of opportunity while weaving together your ideas. I have unique, keen intuitive skills and am very entrepreneurial with a business degree and have created brands, started, built and sold a business and have helped others to do the same at various levels.

  • Creative Project Consulting
  • Business Consulting: Ideation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving And Strategizing, Goal Attracting Techniques And Marketing
  • Building A Brand
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Intuitive Life Coaching

Conscious and Empowered Life Coaching

  • Fitness & Health
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Mindful Eating-positive relationship with food
  • Mindful Eating-specializing in food for autoimmune & inflammation conditons
  • Healthy Kitchen Makeover
  • Positive Body Image

Define, attract and receive what you want-change your frequency, change your life

Spirituality guidance and healing, soul journey, ascension and purpose, healing triggers/trauma and shadows

Synergy of male/female energy, balancing both, creating harmony and learning communication skills and understanding for more harmonious relationships

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