Body Soul Code Energy Shifting


1:1 Body Soul Code Mentoring
Energy Shifting to Release, Reset, heal

As a body-soul coded, gifted intuitive and trained quantum energy healing facilitator, entering my energy field, the container, is an opportuity to entrain, attune, shift and heal. Together we scan your energy body (aura), and using embodiment and energy shifting modalities, I effectively guide you in a unique way to achieve your soul's best. I guide you through cleansing and resettng your energy fields in the body to release limiting patterns, beliefs, triggering emotions, timelines and work through shadows and soul fragments to heal areas of the self. This energy modality maximizes the heart and spirit connection for shift energy, empowering you to heal yourself. This is for individuals really ready to heal and activate their own power to live authentically to their soul’s highest purpose.

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