Meditations and breathing techniques for relaxation

Private Individual Or Group Meditation

We all need quiet time-moments of stillness to reflect, maintain balance, recharge. In these moments, we connect to ourselves and find knowledge, inspiration, tranquility. Meditation creates these moments to help improve your well-being and positively impact your life.

As your meditation guide, I use various meditation techniques along with one of the deepest forms of meditation (yoga nidra) to create a state of extreme stillness of the mind where muscular, emotional and mental tensions are released. This allows the body to achieve total relaxation and one hour is the equivalent to four hours of rest.

*Great for managing pain, stress, emotions, tension, anxiety, insomnia and limiting beliefs.

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Custom Meditation Recording Session

In this session we discuss what you are wanting to co-create or areas needing change or assistance. Our session is about 30 min and based on our conversation and what I am intuitively guided to share with you, I custom record a 30 meditation for your personal practice.

  • Creativity And Opening Intuition
  • For Childbirth And Labor
  • For Acting-Character Integration And Learning Lines
  • Managing Stress, Pain, Anxiety Or Insomnia
  • Personal Issues
  • And More
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Meditation Recordings

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